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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Whatever I am, I just accept" by Elisabeth Dubois | RedBubble

"Whatever I am, I just accept" by Elisabeth Dubois | RedBubble:

Whatever I am, I just accept


Amongst the countless grains of sand
I sit and gather some in hand
A moonless sky is up tonight
Glittering stars with all their might

The grains of sands I dare compare
To the stars above to which I stare
The mind assumes it comprehends
Although it only makes amend

Am I a figment or just a dream?
Or maybe just a being supreme
Do I exist and does it matter
As time passes and things get darker

And what is time and how do we measure
A second, a minute or something bigger
Can we equate our life to be?
Something as simple as energy

I have no answers to all there is
Nor do I wish to even perceive
Whatever I am, I just accept
As answers remain quite inept

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  1. Hi Elisabeth, what gorgeous site, I love it, I just home and thought I would stop..Have a wonderful Christmas..
    your art is so lovely, poems are beautiful..huggs