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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Your Lyfe

Your Lyfe

what is the why in your life?

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Love - a human emotion" by Elisabeth Dubois | Redbubble

"Love - a human emotion" by Elisabeth Dubois | Redbubble:

Love - a human emotion

To find true love is such a thrill
Your heart pounds hard against your will
Glowing eyes and loving smile
Make you believe it’s all worthwhile
Apart for long you cannot be
I need to have you close to me
To hug, to hold, or merely kiss
Just thoughts of you are simply bliss
As time goes by our love unites
And no more dark and lonely nights
You are my sunshine and my desire
There’s nothing else that I require
©Elisabeth Dubois – 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

GoFundMe - Dashboard

GoFundMe - Dashboard

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GoFundMe - Dashboard


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"A step in the right direction" by Elisabeth Dubois | Redbubble

A step in the right direction

There is a point of no return
Where paths have crumbled and bridges have burnt
Rivers have carved the deepest of valleys
Shattering and drowning most of your dreams
With growth comes fear, unforeseeable tears
For what has been no longer exists
Take time to heal then move on forward
Never again should you look backwards
An inch you’ll take in forward motion
As your energy fills with new direction
That glimpse of light over the horizon
Is where you’ll find true love and passion
©Elisabeth Dubois 2012

"A step in the right direction" by Elisabeth Dubois | Redbubble:

"Soul Of life" by Elisabeth Dubois | Redbubble

"Soul Of life" by Elisabeth Dubois | Redbubble:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

a falling star

We’re all a star that shines at night
The more we love the brighter we are
Love determines how bright you shine
Till someone takes some of your spark

When someone has their truest heart
They’ll shine so bright, up above
Until one day one shines much brighter
Making another look so much dimmer

A falling star… dim one becomes
Hurdling through space and then Earth bound
Just one last spark as it arrives
A fleeting moment in the night

A soul may see a shooting star
And wish upon its glorious path
Hoping their dreams will come to life
Not knowing it’s just… a broken heart

Next time you see a falling star
Consider all that you hold tight
Treasure it all and make it right
Let no soul, ever dim your spark

©Elisabeth Dubois 2012

"A falling star" by Elisabeth Dubois | Redbubble

"A falling star" by Elisabeth Dubois | Redbubble:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Believe in you heart

Sudden shock to realise
Moments of truth will come to light
It was, it is, will be forever
As you awaken in endless wonder

Fear not of love or where it leads
Moments of loss, your heart will bleed
To know, to cherish what you hold true
Leaves no boundaries in front of you

Many hurdles you’ll cross and bear
With aching moments of despair
When hearts collide in openness
You’ll know your love is truly there

©Elisabeth Dubois 2012

"Believe in you heart" by Elisabeth Dubois | Redbubble

"Believe in you heart" by Elisabeth Dubois | Redbubble:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"My sister" by Elisabeth Dubois | RedBubble

"My sister" by Elisabeth Dubois | RedBubble:

My sister

Loving parents create a family
Children they’ll have but not too many
And from this union two girls are born
With regal names both are adorn

Early years find them inseparable
In their teens begins their struggle
Love is never questioned, just actions
and soon becomes a separation

as the years go by, they occasionally unite
Share a few joys but never quite right
So different in character they both seem to be
But always in love as sisters should be

Many times amends, were made and kept
But so short lived and were windswept
All that remains from this loving family
Are two distant sisters where one is lonely

This sister is me and wishes she could
Hug and cuddle if only she could
Her loving sister that is always at heart
Even though, they are so far apart.

I love you sis!